The word ‘Gyan’ in Sanskrit translates to knowledge. Also, in ancient times, ashram was a residential school where children used to study,meditate and practice yoga.Since our school is determined to provide unaltered and true knowledge of Yoga, hence the name Gyan Yoga Ashram. The residential yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh will let you experience the yogic lifestyle.

Gyan Yoga Ashram is a well established Yoga school in Rishikesh, India. We offer multi style yoga teacher training courses and yoga retreats to all aspiring yogis.Affiliated to Yoga Alliance USA, we provide best yoga courses for certification in 200,300 and 500 hour yoga teacher training in India.

With the best faculty on board, we train our students for ashtanga, vinayasa flow and hatha style yoga.All our yoga courses are designed to provide a balanced exposure for both theory and practice. Our teachers guide you through each and every class, be it for asana, dhyana or pranayama.

The best part about Gyan Yoga Ashram is its location. We are proud to be based out of the World Yoga Capital. Our campus is located in the most prime location of Rishikesh.We are blessed to have the holy river Ganges flowing in the close vicinity of our school. The majestic Himalayas surround the entire town adding to the grandeur of Rishikesh.During your stay in our campus chances are that little birds and squirrels might pay you a visit in your balcony. Such a peaceful and harmonious environment adds to the benefits of taking a yoga teacher training.

Along with one’s own training, our school has served as a hub for meeting like minded people and socializing with them. This leads to a healthy growth and quicker learning. But having too many people during the classes can also hamper the improvement. Hence we believe in keeping a small batch during classes.Whether it is a week long yoga retreat or a month long yoga teacher training, Gyan Yoga Ashram leaves no stone unturned to ensure the comfort as well as safety of every student. We strive to be the best yoga school in Rishikesh and provide all our students with the most memorable yoga experience of their lives.

Satvik Diet at Gyan Yoga Ashram

Best and Affordable Yoga Teacher Training in RIshikesh

When one indulges into a yogic lifestyle, along with exercise even diet plays an important role. To bring about a complete transformation, external as well as internal well being needs to be taken care of.

  • At Gyan Yoga Ashram, we serve special satvik food to all those trainees who undertake yoga teacher training or yoga retreats with us.
  • The satvik diet which includes green leafy vegetables, whole grain breads, fruits and salads is prepared in clear butter or very less oil to avoid losing its nutrition.
  • Food such as caffeine, oil, cheese, etc which makes one lethargic or hyperactive is strictly avoided during the yoga teacher training.
  • Another reason why Gyan Yoga Ashram is considered the best yoga school in Rishikesh is that we don’t comprise with hygiene standards, be it in the living areas or the kitchen area.
  • The time table of our classes and food breaks are such that the body is able to digest it well before and after yoga practice.
  • If in case any student is allergic to any type of food or dairy product, they can let us know beforehand and a different diet can be prepared in such a situation.
  • Regular consumption of satvik food will detoxify your body and make you feel healthy from within.
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